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Rely on scientific and technological innovation to develop business reputation

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Company aims to "rely on scientific and technological innovation Ka brand, with the quality to win customer satisfaction", to ensure that users be assured that the normal use of our products, specially formulated the following rules as the company's service commitment.
First, the company's products meet the strict corporate standards and the state machinery of the standard.
Second, the company received notice of the order, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract terms of delivery, to ensure that products in good condition, according to the requirements of the time and place to.
Third, during the warranty period, the product is indeed due to quality problems caused by damaged or not working properly, the company responsible for the free repair or replacement, and provide the relevant maintenance knowledge; as a result of improper use or outside of the warranty period, which leads to bad damage or does not work, the company provides maintenance services for life of the product. If the user needs, the company provides free advice, on-site installation and commissioning guidance.
Fourth, questions or information users in the use of our products appearing process, please timely feedback to the company so that the company be dealt with in a timely manner to improve and enhance. The company provides quality service, the customer's question or answer must be resolved within six hours.

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