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Perfume outflow corrosion car dashboard

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Just bought less than a week perfumes how about gone, most of the original perfume all fell out. Most recently, Mr. Lee's car also is therefore corrosion dashboard, causing consumer complaints together.
August 6, the owner of Mr. Lee complained to Longwan Shacheng Branch Consumer Commission. Consumer Commission staff carried Lee's car and car perfume checked and found to put perfume on the dashboard of a square where there is a clear projection "scars" and "culprit" is the value of 400 yuan a bottle of perfume vehicle column. Because the top of the column of sealing problems perfume, fragrances outflow so corroded dashboard.
Lee said, due to the overall appearance of the scars caused by the impact to the vehicle, the need for a new dashboard. And he has consulted the dealers, for a dashboard require more than 4000 yuan. Car decoration shop owner explained that Lee's perfume column at the time of purchase top seal is no problem, it is not responsible for himself. After mediation, car decoration shop agreed to pay 1000 yuan and sent a bottle of perfume pillar of equal value to Lee.
Longwan Consumer Committee to remind consumers summer perfume column placed in the car need to be cautious. Because the gas after the volatile perfume is a flammable gas, high auto reception put perfume column where gas concentration, and here just to direct sunlight, when the temperature reaches a certain limit, it may cause an explosion.

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