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China Auto Meter History

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1951 China's automobile instrument industry was born in Shanghai, started production car with a pressure gauge, oil table, ether-type spring tube bulb degree, ammeter and odometer.
1952 began production of electromagnetic fuel gauge, gasoline sensors.
1955 Harbin Electrical Instrument established.
Harbin Electrical Instrument 1956 under the guidance of the Soviet experts Barr Clain previous period, the trial out of the first sets of car dashboard 8001E fill the gaps in the production of complete sets of car dashboard.
1958 Tianjin Electrical Factory, Wuhu City standards Factory, Yellow Factory, Shaoxing transport equipment Instrument Factory, Nanjing standard Instrument Factory, established.
1964 Wuhu standard in helping Harbin Electrical Instrument Factory under production designed for the FAW automotive instrument, and renamed Wuhu Factory.
Siping Factory, started in 1965, and the construction of two steam Factory.
To 1975, it has set up Xuzhou Factory, Factory Xining, Lanzhou car Factory, Shanghai Oriental Ruanzhou hose plant, long car Factory, Yue Feng Automobile Factory, Shexian Instrument Factory began producing motorcycles.
1976 automobile instrument industry conference held in Suzhou Qingfeng Instrument Factory, discussed and adopted "cars, tractors, internal combustion engine instrumentation type parameters and dimensions" seven criteria.
1978 a machine part (78) No. 1790 text, approved the establishment of automobile instrument focal point "Wuhu Automobile Instrument Laboratory." 1979 meeting in Nanjing to discuss the development of automotive instrument cluster with circular installation dimensions, vehicle preparation with instrument type with tachometer, speedometer magnetic induction, ammeter, fuel gauge, temperature, technical conditions of the pressure gauge and car Eight steam meter standard discussion paper and quality grading method validation draft regulations.
Wuhu in Anhui Province Leather Factory secret technical schools (79) No. 32 approved the text. The school was founded in June 6th, 1965, the industry is a technical school.
1980 industry conference held to discuss the review of the car with six standard tachometer and other approval is issued.
1981 industry conference held in Nanjing to discuss the review of the "Auto Meter Model methodology" examined draft.
1982 industry conference held in Shexian, to discuss "Auto Meter standard system," decided to set up "Instrument Society of Automotive Engineers preparatory school group."
1983 industry conference held in Wuhu, car dashboard set up science and technology information network and automotive instrument learn Preparatory Group.
Second Automobile Factory Wuhu Factory and West Germany combined with the introduction of VDO automotive instrument technology company before signing a contract.
Shanghai Yangtze River Factory discuss the introduction of the company Santana VDO instrument production technology.
Central Parts Factory Siping vapor management associates.
Aviation Department began developing the Yangtze River Instrument miniature car dashboard.
Industry conference held in Wuhu, for six "automobile instrument type, parameters and dimensions" section revised draft standard for validation of the "vapor pressure alarm" draft standard validation unit for validation.
1984 industry conference held in Shaoxing, on the "car with a combination of surgery basic instrument conditions", "automotive temperature alarms" Auto Meter quality General requirements "," automobile instrument general design requirements, "" flexible shaft instrumentation and automotive products Quality grading regulations "," automobile speedometer, tachometer shaft "and other standards of the Department discussion paper to discuss modifications.
Industry conference held in Xiangfan City, to review and revise the section in question is issued by the above standard validation.
Conduct business negotiations and technology exchanges on the introduction of aspects Factory Siping Japan electric, electronic instrumentation technology, production lines. 1985 Steam Company (85) No. 550 text, the Wuhu Automobile Instrument Research Institute for the expansion of Wuhu car dashboard. 1986 Siping Factory and Denso signed contracts to introduce 13 kinds of products, all of the design, manufacture, testing technology and key set
1988 industry conference held in Shexian, established automobile instrument industry economic and technical information network.
Dongfeng Motor Corporation joint venture company set up the instrument, under Jiang new automobiles Factory, Changsha Automobile Factory, Guangzhou Automobile Factory, State Factory, Xinyang Electric Factory, Shaoxing Instrument Factory.
1989 industry conference held in Wuhu, set up a "China Automotive Standardization Technical Committee Instrument Sub-Committee."
1994 meter joint venture in Wuhu - Wuhu VDO Automotive Instrumentation Co., Ltd..
1995 Shanghai Yangtze Factory Delphi extensive cooperation with the United States, followed by the establishment of a joint venture - Shanghai Delco Instrument shares have company.
1996 Second Automobile Factory with foreign joint venture Shanghai Dongfeng Electronic Instrument Corporation.
Balance Factory Guangzhou joint venture with foreign car Instrumentation Co., Ltd. Ma Ruili.
Also Beijing Automotive Factory, Factory Siping Japanese joint venture, respectively, also set up a joint venture in Chongqing and a number of loss Kawasaki cooperative shares Division.
China's auto industry in terms of product development instrument technology segments, can be divided into the following phases: the first phase single table imitation stage (1951 ~ 1956)
Old China basically no automobile industry, the domestic road running are foreign cars, automotive instrumentation and other auto parts are also dependent on importing countries.
Founding of New China, the imperialist policy against our country strangled, implemented comprehensive blockade embargo. The original import car repair parts over time, gradually exhausted. During the Korean War the Soviet Union provided the car, but also by our resolve to repair the instrument. On this tight situation inside and outside, between 1951, first appeared in the Shanghai joint venture run by several private car dashboard and shaft production, and to simulate a single table in the main, will cope with the daily maintenance of car dashboard to meet their urgent needs. Although at the time of production conditions poor, backward means of production, low level of production, however, but on behalf of the country's nascent automotive instrument
The second phase sets of instrument production (1956 ~ 1982)
1953, China's socialist construction into the first five-year plan. One of 156 national key construction projects, the first steam factory in Changchun FAW Jie Fang supporting the Harbin Electrical Instrument available. A full set of Auto Meter technical information are former Soviet imports, after translation preparation, digestion and absorption, under the guidance of the former Soviet Union experts 巴尔斯柯夫, on July 1, 1956, made the first of 80 sets of car dashboard born to fill Complete production of automotive instrument blank.
Through production practice, the former Soviet Union gradually to the original process equipment was modified product design straight from their own count on the basis of imitation.
1979. My second car factory in Shiyan, Hubei Province built. For the two steam Dongfeng Automobile supporting EQ140 type combination instrument sets produced by steam Factory. The tables are all designed by the country, with the assistance of the former Soviet Union Jiefang CA-10 type car dashboard greater improvement compared.
The third stage of product development the transition period (1982 to 1989)
Jiefang Automotive began producing full range of the instrument in 1956, the industrial history of automotive instrument landmark year. Since then twenty years despite a significant increase in manufacturers, but most just repeat production year of the product, structure constant, acceptance conditions remain unchanged, even little change shape. But in these 20 years, foreign car instrument but in the ever-changing, the use of new scientific and technological achievements into the era of electronic instrument. Our car dashboard contrast, the gap has widened significantly.
The fourth stage of product development and innovation introduction period (1989 to 1999)
With the deepening of reform and opening up and accelerate the pace of the introduction of technology, the domestic introduction of models gradually become dominant, car dashboard design also has broken the original scope of the former Soviet Union to introduce products, in order to survive, the original state-owned enterprises are the backbone has with foreign companies carried out extensive cooperation, the introduction of some key production equipment after he conducted a joint venture, through digestion and absorption of imported technology development and innovation has developed for the Chinese market demand for instrumentation products, one of the most typical products are supporting the introduction of Japanese Isuzu Five light vehicles bell series of instruments and ancillary light vans Nissan series of instruments, supporting the development of FAW CA142 series of vehicle instrumentation and 150P car with instruments, supporting the independent development of two steam Dongfeng series of heavy-duty truck with a series of instruments as well as supporting domestic self-developed micro-car, agricultural vehicles and buses with a series of car dashboard.
With the increase in the introduction of models, especially the introduction of car models increased, domestic production of cars become a common pursuit of the instrument industry, and the other as the auto industry has become the pillar industry, the rapid increase in the number of joint venture enterprises, while car production has basic instruments They are monopolies.
The fifth phase electronic meter and electronic information era (1999 ~ present)
With the rapid development of information technology and Internet technology, as well as progress and VLSI development and production of electronic technology present a significant reduction, electronic, information and digitization are rapidly coming to us.
Currently, car dashboard product has been out of the single-phase electronic meter single function into sets of car dashboard electronic and digital instrument has a variety of structure and function of modular instruments were driving to digital instrumentation direction unified structure, with communications technology into the car dashboard is moving toward entertainment, communications, traffic information, instrumented multifunction information center.
In general, the development of China's automotive instrumentation products experienced a single table imitation (1951-1958), complete sets of instrument production (1958-19 and product development (1982- present) after three major stages of development, but also through the eighties and large-scale technical transformation nineties introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology, has changed in the past a single product variety, quality, and technology behind the production and slow development of the situation, the current variety of products can basically meet the domestic production of a variety of supporting demand for low-end car models. At a certain level of technology can basically meet the domestic production of various models as well as support and maintenance needs of some imported models. Products from the original car with only brief instruction process speed, amount of fuel, cooling liquid temperature, oil or brake pressure, engine speed and fuel sensors, sensor, traditional five meter three pressure sensors to the development of mechanical, electrical, electronic three series, and gradually numeric (numbers indicate and digital to analog) direction hair

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