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Car dashboard diagram - LED

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Here is the car dashboard indicator diagrams, work together to understand:

Battery indicator
Display the working status of the battery indicator. After switching switches lights, turned off the engine starts. If you do not light or long bright immortal generator and circuit should be checked immediately.
Fuel indicator
Tip fuel shortage indicator, when the lamp is lit, about to run out of fuel, usually from the lights before running out of fuel to the vehicle can travel about 50 km.
Cleaning fluid indicator
Display windshield cleaning liquid stock indicator. If the cleaning fluid running out, the lights, prompting the owners time to add cleaning fluid. After adding cleaning solution, the light goes off.
Electronic throttle indicator
The light is more common in Volkswagen models, when the vehicle starts a self-test, EPC lamp lights for a few seconds, then goes out, failure, the lights should be timely maintenance.
Front and rear fog lights
This indicator is used to display the working status of the front and rear fog lights, front and rear fog lamps when turned on, the two lights, the figure on the left is displayed front fog lamps, rear fog lamps on the right side of the display.
Turn indicators
When the turn signal is on, the corresponding turn signal flashing at a certain frequency. When you press the button double flashing warning lights, two lights lit simultaneously,
After turning lights off, the light automatically goes off.

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